Downtime tuesday night (May 3rd)

For approximately two hours starting around 9pm Pacific, will be unavailable while we move co-location facilities (again :|).

I apologize for the short notice, and we'll be doing our best to keep the outage brief. If all goes according to plan the downtime will be closer to an hour or less.

If you're having trouble with your sites in any way after tuesday, please let us know immediately.

Update: we had a short outage just now. This was unfortunately not related to the move later tonight. Our main switch was having some trouble, but everything should stay online until later tonight.

Update 2: adding a late note to say that the maintenance went well. We were down for a little longer than expected, but took the time to make sure everything is nice and pretty. New facility is much nicer than the previous one, and hopefully our bandwidth quality will get better as well. As always please let us know if you're having any trouble.

Network outage

Hey folks,

We've been intermittently unavailable for a little while now. There were a couple 2-5 minute outages yesterday and a 20 minute outage just now, and we're in the middle of another one.

Our upstream provider is having a multiple device failure and it's not just us suffering through this.

We're all doing all we can and I apologize for the inconvenience :/

Update: this was resolved yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it won't happen again (at least not for quite a while :P)

New web portal live


Our old portal was crappy, crusty, and nearly useless. Our new portal is ... well it's new!

I've rewritten the user portal from scratch this week. It now has most of the features it used to have, along with some improvements.

The first improvement to start with is payment processing. If you've been using the "Pay Now" buttons or want to easily see how much you owe, the portal homepage takes care of all of that for you. The new portal will automatically register your payment if it can, adjusting your due date immediately.

If you're already subscribed to a monthly payment with rydia, we would appreciate it if you could *cancel* the old subscription and *re subscribe* via the new portal.

Please let us know if you run into any errors or troubles... It's fresh off the press and probably has some rough edges. I'll be pushing fixes to it and possibly another feature or two in the next few days.

Once this is stable, I'll be adding a new feature to the portal about every month at least. The new guy is using a nice flexible framework and we'll slowly allow ya'll to manage your accounts more quickly and more reliably via the portal.

New account limits, removal of "super" account.

Good news, everyone!

The upgrades we've been doing have a purpose!

First, the "super" account class is now gone. All super accounts have been folded into "full" accounts and are now charged at $10/mo effective on their next billing cycle. It pains me to do so since the extra cash is nice, so referr some new users if you get a chance ;)

Disk limits and bandwidth limits have been raised for *everyone*

Basic accounts now start with:
2.5G of disk space.
150G of monthly transfer.
(but still no CGI/PHP access)

Full accounts now start with:
5G of disk space.
300G of monthly transfer.

That's up from 500M/15G for basic, 1G/40G for full accounts. As always, if you actually manage to use all that space or transfer, odds are you can have more for free, we just need to verify the usage isn't from you backing up all your movies :)

The portal still badly needs a lot of work, and that's the next thing I'm going to tackle. No promises or ETA's, but we'll see where it goes.

Happy holidays, folks! :)

Migrating servers

UPDATE: we've completed the maintenance. If you see anything afoul, please let us know. Everything seems to look dandy so far from here.


I think I'm just going to pull it and go through with this move tonight. Web service will be down up to an hour. Mail service will be down for up to three hours. No mail will be lost, but you won't be able to access your accounts in the meantime. The customer portal will also probably be down for a few hours.

I apologize for the outage... hopefully this move will help us avoid extended outages due to various forms of catastrophic failure, in the future.

We are looking to start this maintenance in the next 30 minutes. Once we're back up, I fully expect a little weirdness, but ideally not much. If you run into any trouble just let us know. I'll iron it out as quickly as I can.

MySQL software upgrade later today

UPDATE: Done. Took about 20 minutes. Please let us know if you run into any problems.


Sometime today will be unavailable for 5-10 minutes while I upgrade mysql to am uch newer version. The MySQL software we use on webhosts tends to be very old, but the one on rydia is far, far too old :)

We won't be upgrading all the way to the latest in one jump. We'll be going pretty far with this one, then I'll wait a few days to be sure everyone's software still works okay. If you see any problems please report them ASAP. I'll update this post when the upgrade is over.

Also, as an earlier head's up, we'll be upgrading everything to newer hardware/software within the next week, depending on when I finish setting them up. There will be an outage involved and likely a few bumps afterwards but it shouldn't be more than an hour. The new setup is much more modern which will allow us some comforts. I'll get more into it later.

service downtime

Hey folks,

I'll start this as I usually do - rydia's got pretty gosh darn good uptime overall. We deal with a couple hours a year at most, which is less than most services.

That said, it's time for our dormando-pulls-his-hair-out-because-he-can't-avoid-it outage of the year.

On monday night we will be moving the primary servers to a new colocation facility. The old facility appears to be having some economic difficulties and has decided to screw over most of their customers. I'll leave the facility unnamed ;) Rydia's been through tough times before, and we'll live through this. Our costs will go up slightly but we have no plans of deferring that to you folks.

The outage window is looking like 9pm to 11pm PDT, monday night (march 30th). That's two hours. As always we aim to complete the maintenance in less time, but expect service to be down for about two hours.

Thanks for using rydia ;)

Unplanned outage :(

Hey folks,

The datacenter is located in is presently offline for reasons unknown to me. The facility staff is going to give me a phone call once there is an update to the situation.

E-mail will be spooling at our backup mail service in texas, so through the outage we should not be losing any e-mail.

Hopefully it's just a router/transit problem so your honorable sysadmin doesn't have to drive up to fremont in the middle of the night before a holiday :)

Update: aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back! Sorry for any inconvenience :( Our datacenter apparently lost power, but thankfully all of the machines came back up (mostly) on their own. So I saved myself a drive up there somehow, but will be having a stern talk with our DC folks next week.



We're down for a quick maintenance / upgrade. Once the disk check finishes on the primary webserver we should be up and rolling.

Apologies for the lack of notice; we really had to do this upgrade and now was the last chance I'll have for a few weeks :( We've had 224 days of solid service up until just now, aside from a few minutes for a software upgrade here and there. Still pretty good I'd say!

Update: Done. Please report any issues.